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Thread: The End of Ham Radio?

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    Post The End of Ham Radio?

    Cotrobaind pe net am dat peste un articol destul de interesant ( stiu sunt multe de genu dar asta mi-a placut )! The End of Ham Radio? de DOUG BINGLEY (VA3BD) There�s an old saying �if you can�t hear them, you can�t work �em.� Over the years, hams have built ever better receivers, designed specialized antennas and adapted technology so that even the faintest signal can be heard. By using those techniques, world wide contacts on the HF bands have become commonplace. But what if background noise levels become so high that they drown out all signals, even local signals? We are already moving in that direction and I predict that within five years, RFI could become so bad that our HF bands are unusable. Let me explain my position: My wife and I recently moved from a suburban location into the city. At forty feet wide, the lots in our neighborhood aren�t gigantic, but they aren�t tiny either. Our home is over ninety years old, so we completely renovated it, including re-wiring from top to bottom. After several months in our new home, I decided it was time to get back into ham radio. restul poate fi citit ape eHam 73!
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    Din pacate asa este inclusiv la noi eu am probleme in banda de 2m de vreo doi ani de zile si nu reusesc sa identific problema
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